[PATCH] OnResume, OnHibernate and OnSuspend signals.

Tobias Arrskog topfs2 at xboxmediacenter.com
Fri Nov 6 01:17:09 PST 2009

Hi I'm one of the developers off XBMC and we have found that we have a need
to get OnSuspend, OnResume events. For us it's mainly to trigger rescans of
files and reset sockets to LIRC but if we need it, other apps might too.
So I made a pm-util script which will expand the signal in DeviceKit.Power
to contain OnResume, OnHibernate, OnSuspend.

I'm not sure if I should paste this here or over at pm-utils? both are
freedesktop so perhaps there is some interconnection? Perhaps
DeviceKit.Power have some better implementation ideas for this?

P.S I'm not sure on the numbering before the script so I have omitted them
for now.

/Tobias Arrskog a.k.a topfs2
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