DeviceKit-power 012 released

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Oct 19 03:12:39 PDT 2009

Version 012
Released: 2009-10-19

 - The DBus interface of DeviceKit-power may be subject to change in future
   versions of this daemon.

New Features:
 - Detect encrypted swap and prevent hibernate in this case. Fixes
fd#23196 (Richard Hughes)
 - Add g_object_notify() calls for properties on DkpClient (Richard Hughes)

 - Ensure we only reset the update-time property when we have done the
refresh, not before (Richard Hughes)
 - Don't emit changed events from the DkpBackend layer, instead push
then through DkpDevice (Richard Hughes)
 - When we do a delayed refresh, actually do 5 x 1 second apart rather
than 1 x 3 seconds (Richard Hughes)


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