Invalid properties names

David Zeuthen david at
Sun Sep 6 14:13:44 PDT 2009

On Sun, 2009-09-06 at 22:22 +0200, Davide Bettio wrote:
> Hi,
> > As the section name indicates says this is just a convention. So,
> > Davide, may I suggest you file a bug against Qt since it is supposed to
> > be handling things like this.
> Thank you for your advice, but I will not file any bug against Qt.

As noted in the other mail any UTF-8 string is a valid property name.

Not that I really care but, you know, it might be better to fix Qt than
insisting on pretending that people will only use a subset of property
names that works with the Qt bindings. Sooner or later this issue is
going to come up again and then you might not be in a position where
this can be fixed.


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