forcing upower to report can-hibernate = yes?

Lara Michaels laramichaels1978 at
Sun Apr 18 21:25:08 PDT 2010


I am using TuxOnIce on my system, and it allows me to hibernate to a swap partition present on my disk even if the swap partition is not mounted/active (it offers an option of automatically running swapon/swapoff before/after hibernating). This raises a problem, since at least on my Ubuntu system (upower client and daemon 0.9.1) running 'upower -d|grep can" produces

  can-suspend:     yes
  can-hibernate    no

Hibernation works beautifully when I run pm-hibernate; however, the fact that upower reports that 'can-hibernate: no' prevents gnome-power-manager and possibly other parts of the UI from hibernating when I tell it to.

How can I force upower to report "can-hibernate: yes"?

Thank you for any help!



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