UPower 0.9.0 released!

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 03:56:56 PST 2010

Version 0.9.0
Released: 2010-02-01

 - The DBus service and interfaces have been renamed
 - The devkit-power-gobject library is still API and ABI stable
 - The libupower library co-installs with devkit-power-gobject for now
 - The version has changed to 0.9.0 from 015. You'll need to use an epoch in
   your distro package if you're not renaming the package from DeviceKit-power
   to UPower. See the sample Fedora spec if you need a template.

 - Add Swedish translation (Daniel Nylander)
 - Added Italian translation (Luca Ferretti)
 - Add Polish translation (Piotr Drąg)

New Features:
 - Add initial GObject introspection support (Richard Hughes)

 - Use a fallback for the capability bit when checking the lid status.
Fixes #25041 (Richard Hughes)
 - Rename the DBus service from org.freedesktop.DeviceKit.Power to
org.freedesktop.UPower (Richard Hughes)
 - Rename the PolicyKit rules from org.freedesktop.devicekit.power to
org.freedesktop.upower (Richard Hughes)
 - Make the client tool be called upower, but maintain a symlink to
devkit-power (Richard Hughes)
 - Rename the man pages and rename the main daemon binary name (Richard Hughes)
 - Change the version number to 0.9.0 and tarball name to UPower
(Richard Hughes)
 - Version-lock the devkit-power-gobject version to 015, not 0.9.0
(Richard Hughes)
 - Make DkpClient a singleton to avoid some weird race conditions
(Richard Hughes)
 - Add libupower so applications can switch away from
devkit-power-gobject (Richard Hughes)
 - Update the Free Software Foundation address (Richard Hughes)


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