DeviceKit-power can-suspend property

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Jan 4 06:27:46 PST 2010

DeviceKit-power has a can-suspend property, that GUI clients read and
decide whether to show a suspend button. Session programs including
gdm, gnome-session and gnome-power-manager already do this.

If an admin wants to disable suspend system-wide (either becuase it
does work, can't work, or is forbidden by company policy) then they're
a little out of luck in a DeviceKit world, as devkit-power-daemon just
looks at the hardware and doesn't allow an override.

So, if I wanted to add a trivial override (to disable suspend) should we:

1) have a very small DeviceKit-power.conf file living in /etc?
2) have a udev property that people can write a rule for?
3) both?

The latter allows DMI matching and that sort of thing, so is probably
better. The problem is for which "device" to set this key. Ideas
welcome (/sys/power?). Thanks.


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