udisks replacement for the HAL EjectPressed signal?

Benjamin K. Stuhl benjamin.stuhl at colorado.edu
Thu Jan 14 17:48:21 PST 2010

Hi all,
   I'm (slowly) working on writing a udisks/upower/udev/... backend for 
KDE's hardware abstraction layer ("Solid"), and I've run into a 
substantial functionality loss with udisks: there doesn't seem to be a 
replacement for HAL's EjectPressed signal for CD/DVD drives. (HAL emits 
EjectPressed when the user presses the _physical_ eject button on the 
drive itself, but there's no way to get that information other than by 
polling the drive. Well, supposedly there's an asynchronous status 
request as well, but at least as of a few years ago word was that no 
drives actually implemented it...) Since I would rather not have to put 
polling code into KDE at the desktop level (it _should_ be at the udisks 
level where it will obey the same "inhibit polling" requests as the rest 
of the stack), would it be possible to get an equivalent to EjectPressed 
added to udisks?

-- BKS

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