DeviceKit-power can-suspend property

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Jan 19 02:26:25 PST 2010

Richard Hughes [2010-01-05 12:47 +0000]:
> > 4) Use PolicyKit?
> Yes, I thought of using "no" as the policykit action result to mean
> "don't even show in the menus" but this seemed a little too clever.

Personally I like that better than having a new configuration file.

g-p-m also has a gconf key for disabling suspend/hibernate. It's said
to not work ATM (I'll look at this soon [1]), and of course it can
easily be circumvented, but it might already be enough for most cases
(where your main intention is to not have people accidentally suspend
the machine).

> It's also overlapping security policy and machine capabillites, which
> I didn't think was a good idea.

If we know that suspend doesn't work on a particular machine, then
IMHO the best way to fix that would be to add quirks/udev rules to
dk-p to make can-suspend be False. For the "security policy" bit, PK
seems to be just fine?




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