udisks 1.0.0

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Mon Mar 15 16:53:33 PDT 2010


Here's release 1.0.0 of udisks


udisks 1.0.0

udisks provides a daemon, D-Bus API and command line tools
for managing disks and storage devices.

All releases in the udisks 1.0 series will retain ABI compatibility at
the D-Bus interface level. This means that any application built
against udisks 1.0.x will work with udisks 1.0.y provided that y >=
x. At this point we do not provide any ABI guarantees for the
udisks(1) command-line tool (neither options nor the name). See the
README file for more discussion of ABI guarantees.

Major changes from DeviceKit-disks 009:

 o  The project has been renamed from DeviceKit-disks to udisks

 o  Host Adapters, Ports and Expanders are now exported as D-Bus objects

 o  A program for bridging D-Bus over TCP/IP over SSH has been provided
    (udisks-tcp-bridge). The udisks daemon is also announced via the
    Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD framework.

 o  An API for benchmarking drives has been added

 o  Support for LVM2 and Multipath has been added

ABI incompatible changes from DeviceKit-disks 009:

 o  The well-known system bus name has been changed from
    org.freedesktop.DeviceKit.Disks to org.freedesktop.UDisks

 o  The well-known object path /org/freedesktop/DeviceKit/Disks has
    been changed to /org/freedesktop/UDisks.

 o  The org.freedesktop.DeviceKit.Disks D-Bus interface name
    has been changed to org.freedesktop.UDisks

 o  The org.freedesktop.DeviceKit.Disks.Device D-Bus interface name
    has been changed to org.freedesktop.UDisks.Device

 o  The udev properties that udisks-daemon reads has been renamed
    from DKD_* to UDISKS_*.

Detailed changes from DeviceKit-disks 009:

Daniele Napolitano (1):
      Bug 26822 — Fix benchmarking for large files

David Zeuthen (87):
      Post-release version bump to 010
      Update udev rules to cope better with device-mapper
      Add a method to benchmark drives
      Add DriveWwn, DriveRotationalRate and DriveWriteCache properties
      Abort benchmark on IO errors
      Guesstimate the buffer size to use for benchmarking
      Initial stab at exporting storage controllers via D-Bus
      Fix type in udev rules for pci-id
      Also generate D-Bus docs for the Controller interface
      Add support for Port objects
      Rename Controller interface to Adapter
      Fix doc fallout from the Controller -> Adapter rename
      Export Fabric and NumPorts for ATA
      For SAS, report number of PHYs for the NumPorts property on Adapter
      Change Device::DrivePort (of type 'o') to Device::DrivePorts (of type 'ao')
      Export Port objects for SAS PHYs on the HBA
      Add support for SAS expanders
      Forgot to add prober for SAS expanders
      Fix typos in udev rules
      Rename from DeviceKit-disks to udisks, part 1
      Rename to udisks - udev property names
      Rename to udisks - move helpers and probers to separate subdirs
      Rename to udisks - rename source files and symbols
      Update/add mode lines to all source files
      Reindent source code to adhere to the GNU-style
      Rename to udisks - nuke remaining references to Device-disks
      Update HACKING, README and COPYING files
      Update bug tracker address
      Update udev property names in the udisks(7) man page
      Add experimental bridging program for providing D-Bus access over TCP/IP
      Handle ATA controllers with only one port
      Remove debugging spew
      Avoid multiple inconsistent checks for adapter fabric type
      Fix up SATA/PATA detection slightly
      Export connector type on Port objects
      Make udisks-tcp-bridge connect to a DBusServer, not be a DBusServer
      Install udisks-tcp-bridge in $prefix/lib/udisks
      Take a secret from the client via stdin and use this to authorize ourselves
      Make Avahi announce a service of type _udisks-ssh._tcp for us
      Install udisks-tcp-bridge in /usr/bin
      Add a man page for udisks-tcp-bridge(1)
      Update NEWS
      Add media type udev rule for SD card reader in MacbookPro5,4
      Use SUBSYSTEMS whenever using ATTRS
      Add media type udev rule for SD card reader in MacbookPro5,4
      Use SUBSYSTEMS whenever using ATTRS
      First cut at LVM2 support
      Fix typo in udev rule for udisks-lvm-pv-export
      Get the LVM LV UUIDs from sysfs to avoid using liblvm2 in the dm prober
      Add methods for setting LVM2 VG and LV names
      Add method to remove/delete a LVM LV
      Add a method to create LVM2 Logical Volumes
      Minor update to LVM2 PV export routines
      Add methods for adding/removing PVs to a VG
      Use the PV UUID in LinuxLvm2VGRemovePV() to identify the PV
      First cut at device-mapper multipath support
      Add a DriveSimilarDevices property
      Make sure to fsync(2) the main block device when scrubbing signatures
      Tighten up checks for detecting kpartx partitions for dm-multipath
      Add udev rules for detecting some common USB card readers
      Require both SERIAL and WWN to be non-empty when matching up similar drives
      Don't copy data from each path into the virtual multipath device
      Copy identifying data from multipath components onto the multipath device
      Export multipath parameters as a textual string
      Make sure all devices are returned, even when handling change events
      When creating a LV, ensure that it is part of PV metadata until returning
      Add LinuxMdExpand method and rename LinuxMdAddComponent to LinuxMdAddSpare
      Rework partition table probing
      Export alignment offset for a partition
      Fix compiler warning
      Add doc/udisks-overrides.txt so 'make dist' works
      Update for new liblvm2app library
      Use DM_NAME instead of DM_UUID when determining partition number
      Improve debug output and support for the detach helper
      Update detach helper for current sysfs interface
      Add a --disable-remote-access option
      We're using the UDISKS_ prefix, not DKD_
      Bug 24424 - Move UDISKS_MEDIA_AVAILABLE out of the part table prober
      Include stdout in mkfs error output
      Initialize variable before use
      Update TODO
      Revert "Bug 26996 — wrongly detects partition on unpartitioned VFAT device"
      Handle loopback devices
      Fix partition table probing during coldplug
      Update TODO
      Make it possible to disable LVM2 and dm-multipath support
      Guarantee that DeviceFilePresentation always contain something meaningful
      Add TODO item about UTF-8 and D-Bus properties
      Update NEWS for release

Linus Torvalds (1):
      Speed up DeviceKit device probing on really slow devices

Martin Pitt (32):
      Bug 24885 — LVM LVs now have NOPOLICY=0
      Bug 25034 — PartitionModify() for GUID partitions does not work
      Bug 25043 — Crashes with atasmart.c:2701: sk_disk_set_blob: Assertion `blob' failed.
      Bug 25009 — ignore Western Digital SmartWare partitions
      Bug 24772 — Allow simulated SMART data on non-SMART devices
      Bug 24999 — Hide Compaq recovery partition type 0x12
      Support building without lvm2app
      Bug 24446 — Add --helper-dir option
      Bug 24446 — Add a test suite
      Bug 24446 — automake integration of test suite
      Robustify evaluation of DM_SUSPEND
      testsuite: check --localstatedir configuration
      Add support for "disable polling" udev property
      testsuite: Fix LVM tests
      fix media detection of CD-ROMs
      Bug 26725 — add profiling
      in maintainer mode, build with -Werror
      fix compiler warnings
      Update .gitignore files
      testsuite: Ensure that volumes on raw partitions don't have a partition table
      Bug 26996 — wrongly detects partition on unpartitioned VFAT device
      testsuite: Add TODO item to test new support for loop devices
      testsuite: Get along with running gvfs/nautilus
      testsuite: Check partitions with filesystems
      udisks-part-id: Shuffle code to keep udev_device in main()
      Bug 26996 — wrongly detects partition on unpartitioned VFAT device
      udisks-part-id: Check ID_FS_TYPE from environment first
      testsuite: Use loop devices instead of ram disks
      testsuite: Add option to disable workarounds for race conditions
      TODO update for property update race conditions
      Bug 27072 — does not force-unmount for drives in fstab
      udisks-part-id: Simplify code

Michael Biebl (8):
      Bug 24606 — Add support for ReiserFS
      Make sure udisks-helper-mdadm-expand is included in the dist tarball
      Include profile.h in dist tarball
      Include udisks-tcp-bridge.xml in dist tarball
      Respect DM_UDEV_DISABLE_DISK_RULES_FLAG from current LVM
      Drop obsolete rules for private LVM devices
      Drop obsolete rule for suspended LVM devices
      Bug 25424 — Update to stable API of udev/gudev/dbus

tuxce (1):
      Bug 25012 ­Add "usefree" to vfat available options

Thanks to all our contributors.

David Zeuthen,
March 15, 2010

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