UPower - display backlight

Alex Fiestas afiestas at kde.org
Sun Dec 4 07:33:43 PST 2011

In Desktop Summit Richard Hughes Dario Freddi and I talked about 
Backlight, the current situation as far as I know goes as follow:

There are 2 ways of managing display backlight, both GNOME and KDE have 
almost equivalent implementations:

-XRandR: If the Driver supports backlight we use it, the code in both 
projects is almost duplicated or even copypasted, in the case of KDE can 
be found here:


-Via /sys/class/backlight interfaces: Again both GNOME and KDE are using 
an almost equally code, one written in G* and the other in Qt*

KDE code can be found here:

So, we proposed to unify both efforts into a single shared library, but 
so far nothing happened.

I'd like to see this library happen, one of the benefits will be to 
unify both implementations are working for the 99% of cases but the 
remaining 1% is different mainly because of the interface order we use.

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