upowerd high cpu usage

Hizsnyai Gábor hizsnyaig at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 04:40:42 PST 2011

> That's an insane amount of data from the kernel. I think you need to
> file a bug against the kernel about rate-limiting events like this.

Probably you're right, however the issue is not just the amount of the events,
but the events. When you have a look at the list it seems I removed the battery
and put it back few times in every second. (I didn't)

> Have you tried a different battery? I've heard problems of the "smart"
> controller on the battery malfunctioning and causing an SMBIOS event
> storm like you describe.

I have two batteries for this netbook. The upowerd produces the same
using any of them. However, an older version of Ubuntu (10.10) was
working fine on this netbook.

Thanks for your response, I give it a try and file a bug there anyway


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