urfkill 0.1.0 release

Joey Lee jlee at novell.com
Fri Feb 25 14:34:30 PST 2011

於 五,2011-02-25 於 18:37 +0800,Gary Ching-Pang Lin 提到:
> Hi all,
> I am pleased to release urfkill 0.1.0 and it's available in:
> https://github.com/downloads/lcp/urfkill/urfkill-0.1.0.tar.bz2
> urfkill implements a daemon, urfkilld, to monitor and control
> the radio killswitches of WLAN/BLUETOOTH/WWAN/UWB/WIMAX.
> It also provides DBus methods to monitor and control the killswitches,
> so the userspace applications can interact with them without
> getting root privilege.
> Since the kernel rfkill input handler is going to be deprecated,
> urfkilld catches the rfkill keys and does a flip-flop state update
> for the killswitches (the same behavior as rfkill-input). In the
> future, we are planning to extend the key policy and make it
> more flexible and the further customization possible.
> I've tested urfkill in 5 laptops [1], and it works fine except one [2]
> that needs an extra configuration.
> Although it is still far from perfect, I think it's usable now. Any
> suggestion or bug report are welcome and appreciated :-)
> Thanks,
> Gary Lin

Excellence! Thank's for your hard work.

> [1] Acer aspire one, MSI U160, eeepc (unknown model),
> Acer Travelmate 372, Lenovo X200
> [2] I ran into a funky situation while testing urfkilld in X200.
> The bluetooth killswitch (hci0) sometimes was soft-blocked
> when I unblocked the killswitch (tpacpi_bluetooth_sw) provided
> by thinkpad-acpi. It can be worked around by set force_sync
> to true in /etc/urfkill.conf, but I still wonder what is the root
> cause.

Might need to check with thinkpad-acpi driver maintainer for this issue.
Maybe it's a bug.

Joey Lee

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