udisks and eSATA: a question about the meaning of "detachable"

Ansgar Burchardt ansgar at debian.org
Sun Jul 10 15:58:05 PDT 2011


I reported a bug in KDE [1] about eSATA drives not being seen as a
"removable" device (in KDE's device manager).  I believe this is a bug
in KDE's solid as they do not use the correct properties from udisks,
however they disagree.

The device manager shows by default "hotpluggable" and "removable"
devices (in KDE's terms).  These are defined[2] as follows:

  hotpluggable: Indicates if this storage device can be plugged or
  unplugged while the computer is running.

  removable: Indicates if the media contained by this drive can be
  removed.  For example memory card can be removed from the drive by the
  user, while partitions can't be removed from hard disks.

The implementation in solid's udisks backend[3] uses this:

  return m_device->prop("DriveCanDetach").toBool();

  return m_device->prop("DeviceIsRemovable").toBool() ||
      !m_device->prop( "DeviceIsSystemInternal" ).toBool();

Is KDE correct here and eSATA drives should be detachable in udisks or
is it using the wrong attributes here?

To me it seems that KDE should use
  hotpluggable: "DeviceIsSystemInternal"
  removable: "DeviceIsRemovable"


PS: Please CC me in replies. I don't follow the list.

[1] <http://bugs.kde.org/277392>
[2] <http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kdelibs.git&a=blob&h=8981017140a629a7fd31a52cfab7c4a5bede70d0&hb=26fd3bf9f0f70d30a961eb0fbd7b35acc601a913&f=solid/solid/storagedrive.h>
[3] <http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kdelibs.git&a=blob&h=ad3b8884bacfcacd7a9e9ac946ce9cae48e6cf41&hb=26fd3bf9f0f70d30a961eb0fbd7b35acc601a913&f=solid/solid/backends/udisks/udisksstoragedrive.cpp>

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