UPower 0.9.10 Released

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Tue May 3 10:13:25 PDT 2011

Version 0.9.10
Released: 2011-05-03

New Features:
 - Add a config option 'IgnoreLid' for users with broken lid switches
(Richard Hughes)
 - Add integration test suite for Linux (Martin Pitt)
 - Add option to run daemon on the session bus for testing (Martin Pitt)
 - Add OpenBSD backend which uses the APM_IOC_GETPOWER ioctl() (Landry Breuil)
 - Support virtual UPS devices for testing (Martin Pitt)

 - Consider a discharging UPS as "on battery" (Martin Pitt)
 - Do not overwrite aclocal flags in autogen, fixes b.fd.o #35261
(Tobias Mueller)
 - Fix "unknown" battery status guessing to not be recursive (Martin Pitt)
 - Respect $UPOWER_CONF_FILE_NAME in up_config_init (Martin Pitt)
 - Support batteries that report both energy and charge (Benson Leung)
 - upower needs -pthread (Landry Breuil)
 - Use the new threadsafe signal handling support in GLib (Richard Hughes)
 - Wuninitialized needs -O (Landry Breuil)


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