GUsb 0.1.0 released!

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Oct 10 07:30:02 PDT 2011

On 15 September 2011 15:56, David Zeuthen <zeuthen at> wrote:
> I haven't checked 0.1.0 but when I looked at it some time ago you were
> still using libgudev types in the API, specifically the GUdevDevice
> type. If that's still the case, I think it would be ideal that can be
> avoided - instead I suggest that you use a OS-specific string to
> represent specific devices (on Linux it could be the sysfs path) -
> that way it's a lot more portable not only to non-Linux but also to
> newer versions of Linux where udev looks slightly different etc.

I've fixed this now. Thanks.


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