UPower 0.9.16 Released

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 01:47:30 PDT 2012

Version 0.9.16
Released: 2012-04-30

New Features:
 - Add boolean RunPowersaveCommand to UPower.conf (Landry Breuil)
 - Install a systemd service file if systemd is used (Benedikt Morbach)

 - Clamp the UPS percentage from 0 to 100 to fix syslog spam (Richard Hughes)
 - Correct the cap on the energy rate (Gary Ching-Pang Lin)
 - Do not print error message for missing /etc/crypttab (Kelly Anderson)
 - Fix crash in up_device_csr_finalize (Martin Pitt)
 - Never detect HID devices with batteries as power supplies (Richard Hughes)
 - Re-coldplug dock status when resuming from sleep (Evan Broder)
 - Return all history records for a timespan of zero (Richard Hughes)
 - libupower-glib: fix small memory leak (Pavel Vasin)
 - libupower-glib: srcdir != builddir fix (Ryan Lortie)
 - openbsd: Fix history by not trying to refresh if /dev/apm wasn't
opened yet (Landry Breuil)
 - openbsd: Handle case where minutes_left might be negative (Landry Breuil)
 - openbsd: Set powersave command to apm -C/-A (Landry Breuil)
 - openbsd: Use a singleton pattern to access /dev/apm (Landry Breuil)


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