urfkill 0.4.0 release

Gary Ching-Pang Lin glin at suse.com
Thu May 24 00:52:35 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I'm glad to release urfkill 0.4.0. The tarball is available here:

Changes since 0.3.0:

New Features:
- Migrate from dbus-glib to gdbus (Gary Lin)

- urf-input: Remove the unnecessary device match rules (Gary Lin)
- urf-input: Match the property "ID_INPUT_KEY" (Gary Lin)
- urf-input: Filter out the devices without the EV_KEY capability
(David Härdeman)
- urf-main: quit if the dbus name is already owned (Gary Lin)
- urfkill-glib: Rename the enumerations (Gary Lin)
- urf-polkit: Remove unused code (Gary Lin)
- glib/urf-device: Refresh only 'soft' and 'hard' (Gary Lin)
- urf-daemon: Remove the unused loop for the object registration (Gary Lin)
- urf-daemon: Pass the right parameters back (Gary Lin)
- urf-seat: Check error not proxy (Gary Lin)
- urf-consolekit: correct object path array handling (Gary Lin)
- urf-consolekit: correct error check (Gary Lin)
- urf-device: correct the introspection xml (Gary Lin)
- urf-consolekit: invoke DBus methods correctly (Gary Lin)
- urf-device, killswitch: release the introspection data (Gary Lin)
- urf-killswitch: unref connection properly (Gary Lin)
- urf-config: Plug a memory leak (Gary Lin)

Dependencies changed:
- glib-2.0 >= 2.30.1
- gio-2.0 >= 2.30.1
- libudev >= 148
(dbus-glib was dropped)

Gary Lin

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