Patch submission for incorrect battery %

mark ellis m at
Sun Feb 10 16:38:14 PST 2013

Sorry that patch was a total hack, I'd just copied and pasted a bit from
above to below, not very nice, also wouldn't have worked for people who
don't have charge_full and charge_full_design.

I've made a new patch that works just the same, but instead of copy and
pasting i've just moved the block that works out energy-full and
energy-full-design out of the coldplug if.


On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 7:58 PM, mark ellis <m at> wrote:

> Hello,
> First off I'm sorry if this is not clear, but it's a little hard to
> explain!
> I have a very dodgy batter in my laptop that sometimes likes to lie about
> how much energy it's currently containing, or what it's charge_full and
> charge_full_design are. It only does this briefly, for a split second or
> so, but it's enough to mess up upower, which will start reporting 3% charge
> remaining, 5 hours left on a full battery (energy-full ends up really high
> for no reason, e.g. instead of 48Wh, it'll be 780Wh). The way to correct
> this is for me to kill upowerd and restart it, which is a pain.
> So I've patched the upowerd source to reread charge_full and
> charge_full_design each time the battery status is refreshed. I'm not sure
> what the implications of this are, but I imagine it's not that big of a
> deal, and it fixes my issue!
> Anyway I thought I'd do the honourable thing and send the patch on to
> yourselves, just because. I hope it's useful, if not it fixes my little
> problem!
> Thanks,
> Mark
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