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Mon Feb 11 15:13:30 PST 2013

pm-utils is unmaintained (last release was 2.5 years ago), buggy and has no
real use in a systemd world, since suspend, hibernate and powersave are
handled by the kernel, systemd and power managers. Despite that, modern
upower still brings it in as a dependency, as it is used in the following
places in src/linux/up-backend.c (taken from

- up_backend_supports_sleep_state (line 371) calls /usr/bin/pm-is-supported
to determine if suspend or hibernate are available on the system. upower
uses this to reply to dbus call on org.freedesktop.UPower.CanSuspend or
.CanHibernate. Without pm-utils, org.freedesktop.UPower.CanSuspend or
.CanHibernate always return false.

This call could be replaced by a simple "grep -q mem /sys/power/state" or
"grep -q disk /sys/power/state", as nowadays everyone expects the kernel to
report whether the system is able to suspend to ram/disk in the above file.

- up_backend_get_powersave_command (line 627) calls /usr/sbin/pm-powersave
to apply powersaving adjustments.

The default pm-powersave quirks are obsolete today, and if one still needs
such functionality there are already tons of other implementations (in all
of logind, acpid, laptop-mode-tools, the KDE and GNOME power managers,
etc.). So this should be dropped entirely.

If these changes are made, and pm-utils is dropped at least for
HAVE_SYSTEMD, then we could get rid of an useless dependency in our
systems, and simplify our stack a bit more. So, what do you say?
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