UPower 1.0 API changes

Iain Lane laney at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 21 03:26:24 PDT 2013


On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 03:44:45PM +0200, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> Heya,
> […] 
> libupower-glib
> --------------
> […] 
> Removed functions:
> - up_client_get_properties_sync()
> - up_client_enumerate_devices_sync()
> - up_client_get_on_low_battery() (use the "warning-level" property on
> the DisplayDevice object instead)
> […]
> - All of the QoS API
> Removed signals:
> […]
> - changed (both UpClient and UpDevice), device-changed (connect to the
> "notify" signal for the properties that interest you instead)
> Changed signal:
> - device-removed now sends an object path, not a device (as we do not
> keep an internal list of devices on the client side, to reduce wake-ups)
> D-Bus service
> -------------
> The D-Bus service changes pretty much match the libupower-glib API
> changes. I invite you to read the included API documentation.
> […]

Hmm, some of these are a bit worrying. We've known about
Suspend/Hibernate being dropped for some time, as they were announced.
This allowed us in Ubuntu to try and hunt down any consumers and port
them to using logind.

The rest, though, are a surprise—especially the soft interface changes
like signals and changes to the DBus API. Could they not stick around
for at least one release as deprecated interface to give consumers (and
distributions) a chance to port away from them more gently? The rest of
the improvements are great and much needed so it'd be a shame to have to
stick on 0.9.


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