[PATCH] rules: support Logitech Unifying in Linux 3.19

Peter Wu peter at lekensteyn.nl
Wed Jan 21 06:56:23 PST 2015

Linux 3.19 changed the way in which devices get registered by
introducing a hid-logitech-hidpp module. The driver name therefore needs
to be adjusted.

Signed-off-by: Peter Wu <peter at lekensteyn.nl>

This patch makes UPower recognize Logitech Unifying receivers again.

Benjamin, I have CC'ed you to let you know that there is possibly
userspace breakage due to the hid-logitech-hidpp rework.

Kind regards,
 rules/95-upower-csr.rules | 3 +++
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

diff --git a/rules/95-upower-csr.rules b/rules/95-upower-csr.rules
index b476660..39539ca 100644
--- a/rules/95-upower-csr.rules
+++ b/rules/95-upower-csr.rules
@@ -25,5 +25,8 @@ SUBSYSTEM!="hid", GOTO="up_unifying_end"
 ATTRS{idVendor}=="046d", ENV{UPOWER_VENDOR}="Logitech, Inc."
 ATTRS{idVendor}=="046d", ATTRS{idProduct}=="c52b", DRIVER=="logitech-djdevice", ENV{UPOWER_BATTERY_TYPE}="unifying"
 ATTRS{idVendor}=="046d", ATTRS{idProduct}=="c532", DRIVER=="logitech-djdevice", ENV{UPOWER_BATTERY_TYPE}="unifying"
+# These devices bind to the hid-logitech-hidpp module since Linux 3.19
+ATTRS{idVendor}=="046d", ATTRS{idProduct}=="c52b", DRIVER=="logitech-hidpp-device", ENV{UPOWER_BATTERY_TYPE}="unifying"
+ATTRS{idVendor}=="046d", ATTRS{idProduct}=="c532", DRIVER=="logitech-hidpp-device", ENV{UPOWER_BATTERY_TYPE}="unifying"
 ATTRS{idVendor}=="046d", ATTRS{idProduct}=="c52f", ENV{UPOWER_BATTERY_TYPE}="lg-wireless"

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