[udisks2] Remount support

Mueller, Daniel Daniel.Mueller at karlstorz.com
Fri Nov 13 04:47:36 PST 2015


I've added another change which makes the mapping of mount options to the
associated mount point more clear and robust (this was the result of an internal

> [Patch 0001] extends the DBUS interface by the MountOptions property, which
> holds the mounts options corresponding to the MountPoints property.
> It also allows an application to be notified by DBUS PropertiesChanged signal
> when the mount options of an mounted FS have changed (e.g. FS remounted
> read-only).
> [Patch 0002] adds support for the mount -o remount option allowing to remount a
> already mounted FS via DBUS (and udisksctl).

[Patch 0003] changes type of MountOptions property to path-options-pairs.

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