battery not detected when managed by PMU (apple powerbook) [SOLVED]

Giuseppe Sacco giuseppe at
Tue Jun 30 16:16:07 UTC 2020


Il giorno lun, 29/06/2020 alle 22.00 +0200, Giuseppe Sacco ha
> > According to Wikipedia, the last Powerbook models were discontinued
> > in
> > 2006. I think enabling PMU support more widely, for the benefit of
> > 14
> > year old hardware, seems likely to be an uphill struggle.
> I completely agree with you. I am studying how to port again powerpc
> into debian stable and I am checking all problems and see if they are
> easily fixable. If this is the case, I'll provide patches. Probably I
> should be back to upower once I have a more recent kernel.

I just wanted to write that everything now works. The problem was a not
loaded kernel module, named pmu_battery. Once loaded, upower found the
battery correctly.

Thank you very much,

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