Packaging guidelines related to .desktop files

Matthew Rosewarne mrosewarne at
Tue Apr 1 13:55:19 PDT 2008

On Monday 31 March 2008, Donnie Berkholz wrote:
> I'm confused about what the final point is here. Are you recommending
> that other distros adopt the Debian system, saying it's old and
> everyone, Debian included, should use fd.o specs, just informing us of
> another option, or what?

I was following up on Rahul's request for the policies of the various Distros.

While I don't expect there's much desire by other distribution to adopt this 
system, the Debian menu maintainers should probably be invited to discuss 
ideas for a common .desktop and menu scheme.  Perhaps ideas from the Debian 
menu system could be used as a starting point for a more consistent menu 
management policy across distributions.
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