status of gcc 4.3 in your distribution?

Donnie Berkholz dberkholz at
Tue Apr 8 00:49:20 PDT 2008

On 10:59 Tue 08 Apr     , Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> I was wondering about the status of gcc 4.3 in the various distros. When
> are you going to switch to building with 4.3 by default?

Since Gentoo pushes the toolchain pretty hard, we're understandably 
cautious in moving to new versions. 4.3 is "available" right now, but 
nobody's going to install it by accident. Our stable users are still on 
4.1.2, and our testing users are on 4.2.3.

A number of our packages still don't build with 4.3 
<>, so hopefully those of 
you who have migrated to it have been sending your patches upstream! =)

> How will you manage the direction flag issue[1]?
> [1]

2.6.25 will definitely be out by the time 4.3 makes it to our users. My 
understanding is that 4.3.1 will come out in the next month or so with a 
fix for that, so we'll have fixes on both ends. 4.3.0 will probably 
never become generally available.

> (2) use a modified gcc 4.3 (and still ship a fixed kernel, of course),
> with a patch that makes gcc output CLD by default, so lenny binaries can
> work with an etch kernel (the patch can then be dropped in lenny+1). The
> Debian gcc maintainer doesn't want to do that, since it would cause
> Debian's gcc to generate different code than upstream gcc, and makes it
> harder to report bug upstream.

Isn't this patch already in upstream gcc 4.3 branch?


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