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also sprach Bruno Cornec <Bruno.Cornec at> [2008.04.21.0956 +0200]:
> I have another case with the vsftpd server. I made patches for the
> mandriva distribution, that I also sent upstream with out answer.
> There is no upstream mailing-list, but the upstream maintainer did
> publish recently a new version (without integration of these
> pathces anyway). So if this is of intereste to other vsftpd
> package maintainers, we could disucss here of the opportunity to
> have a group action to submit those patches again upstream (or
> not) ...

While I agree that the best way forward is still to get the patches
into upstream, I also realise that it won't always happen. In such
cases, I think distributions could profit from sharing a version
control repository from which to build the individual distro
packages, so that patches relevant to all distros, but which
upstream ignores for whatever reason, have a place where they can

Over at, we are trying to figure out ways how to
achieve that.

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