Introduction round?

Will Stephenson wstephenson at
Fri Mar 7 01:56:09 PST 2008

On Friday 07 March 2008, Vincent Untz said:
> Since it's hard to know who's here right now, maybe we can make some
> introduction round?
> I can even start it :-) I'm Vincent Untz, mainly a GNOME hacker (see
> if you want more details), and I
> recently joined the openSUSE development team.
> I'm here because I'm curious, but I also have one or two ideas to share,
> when I'll have some time to elaborate... Also, I guess I'm interested in
> all things related to the desktop in general.
> Who's next? :-)

Good morning Vincent!

I'm Will Stephenson, a KDE hacker and another member of the openSUSE team. details my SUSE life.

I'm mainly here because I'm nosy, and I think that a common forum between 
distros will help us identify problems we share that hinder the adoption of 
Free Software.


Desktop Engineer
KDE Team

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