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Sat Mar 8 02:18:07 PST 2008

different bugtrackers can communicate automagically. This would allow
e.g. a bug reported in distro X can be connected to an upstream bug.
When the upstream bug is commented on, resolved or has attachments added
etc. this can be pushed to the distro bugs.

This would help a lot IMO. While the primary maintainer for the package
in the distro will almost certainly be CC'ed to the upstream bug, it's
entirely possible that it would be missed due to email problems, junk
filtering, holidays etc.

It would also help distros work together. If distro X has a problem and
a similar report is opened in distro Y, then allowing the distros to
join the bug reports together could help both distros bring the problem
to a speedy resolution. It would be important not to over pollute the
comments system and I guess you'd have to have preferences to view
external comments or not (and be informed of external comments via email
too), but the principle is good IMO.

I'm not really sure where the project is at at the moment in terms of
specs, implementations etc but perhaps the bugzilla, launchpad, trac and
mantis enthusiasts among us will be able to dig in a little and see what
the possibilities are?


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