Distributions: Bug tracker, patch locations, (central) VCS, format

Anssi Hannula anssi at mandriva.org
Sat Mar 8 11:22:52 PST 2008

Daniel Leidert wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to start with a very simple approach: Collect the
> information about he various distributions bug-tracker and places, where
> packaging files (especially patches and changes to the upstream source)
> are located. I suggest we simply collect information first on the list
> and then sort in on e.g. a Wiki page. Please add and/or fix information
> (preferable in a per-distribution sub-thread?).

* Package format: .rpm
* Package/maintainer lists: http://maintainers.mandriva.com/
* Packages: http://sophie.zarb.org/ (unofficial)
* Bugs: http://qa.mandriva.com/
* VCS: http://svn.mandriva.com/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/packages/cooker/
(development tree), contains specs and all sources/patches

Anssi Hannula

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