Distributions: Bug tracker, patch locations, (central) VCS, format

Vincent Untz vuntz at gnome.org
Sun Mar 9 08:17:30 PDT 2008

Le dimanche 09 mars 2008, à 15:51 +0100, Daniel Leidert a écrit :
> Am Montag, den 10.03.2008, 02:03 +1300 schrieb Andy Hamberger:
> > Thanks for starting this valuable first thread. I am sure we all were
> > happy to collate this info, if we had a wiki.
> I thought of the freedesktop.org wiki - maybe
> http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Distributions. If we find some better
> place later, we can easily move the stuff.

Sounds like a good place to start. If there's a need for more, we can
probably get a fd.o subdomain. But let's start in the current wiki and
see if need more :-)


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