invitation to vcs-pkg: integrating VCS with package maintenance

Ken VanDine ken at
Mon Mar 17 06:45:28 PDT 2008

No, conary actually does that as well.  Conary uses vcs concepts for
both sides of things.  You can even branch and merge changes from other
branchs.  Conary even has a concept of a shadow branch, which means you
can track upstream and maintain only your local changes.  Very cool
stuff.  It really makes distro maintenance easy, and even easier for


On Mon, 2008-03-17 at 14:12 +0100, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Ken VanDine <ken at> [2008.03.17.1355 +0100]:
> > I am sure the lists can co-exist.  But I have to point out, at
> > least from what you described here, that you are trying to solve
> > a problem that has already been solved.  Have you looked at
> > conary?  It is mature, and solves this problem well.  I would
> > really suggest taking a look at it, conary is very rich.
> Ah, I think I didn't make myself clear... Conary is a package
> installation manager. vcs-pkg tries to address package maintenance,
> the development side of things. Like e.g. I maintain mdadm for
> Debian and would like to have a better workflow to be able to save
> time, work more closely with upstream, and reach out to the other
> distros, so that we can profit from each other's work and ideas.
> Does this make sense now?
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