Terminal Standard

Benjamin Bruheim grolgh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 11:46:46 PDT 2008

> > We all know the problems with keytabs and terminal issues. Every piece
>  > of software works around it. But are there any attempts at making a
>  > proper standard on terminals? Every trail I've looked at has been
>  > dead.
>  >
>  > Most terminals provide their own $TERM, but it is about time the
>  > myriad of terminals decide on the Right Way.
>  Would this be a better topic for freestandards.org?

Currently I don't see them having any topics on it. And there has been
attempts at uniting terminals before, but it has never had any force
behind it.

Distributions select their primary terminal. But this leads to
software across distros not being compatible with the standard layout,
so I do think this is a distribution issue.

\\ Benjamin

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