Packaging guidelines related to .desktop files

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Thu Mar 20 10:17:50 PDT 2008

Vincent Untz wrote:
> Since I'm more or less maintaining the spec about .desktop files, I'm
> willing to review guidelines of other distros related to this to be sure
> they're all fine :-) Just tell me where I can find the relevant document
> for your distro.

Thanks Vincent. I think our overview is here:

There may be other info on our wiki that I've not unearthed but I'm sure
another Mandriva person will pipe up if that's the case ;)

The bit about icon file extensions at the end of the page is probably
worth a special note.

> It might also make sense to have links to all the distros guidelines on
> a wiki page, so similar checks can easily be made in the future.

That sounds like a good idea. Perhaps we need a x-desktop wiki somewhere
on fdo? (/me hides in shame if there already is one and he's just been
too lazy to check ;))


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