James Westby jw+debian at
Fri May 30 09:02:35 PDT 2008

Hi all,

Luke (on Cc) has taken over the maintenance of dmraid in Ubuntu
in the last few months.

He told me that he recently spent some time tracking down the packages
from other distributions and looking for patches they had that
may be useful in Ubuntu as well.

He is subscribed to the project mailing list (ataraid-list at,
and he says that he trawled the archives there looking for patches as
well, but the list is pretty low traffic.

In order to to make sure everyone has a chance to review everything,
and to attempt to kick-start collaboration on the upstream list
could I make the following suggestion?

  All distros check whether they have patches to the upstream source,
  if you do then please contact the maintainers and ask them to
  forward all of the patches created for your distro to the mailing list
  so that they can be reviewed and possibly included.

Luke, can you start by doing this for the Ubuntu-originated patches if
you haven't already?

Luke, you also said that it might be nice to have an upstream bug
tracking system and a public version control system. They should
probably be discussed on the upstream mailing list as well.



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