Contacting Packagers for Other Distros [was Re: Uniting to get upstreams to use system libraries]

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Fri Sep 19 10:04:25 PDT 2008

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Andreas Jaeger wrote:
>> Toshio Kuratomi <a.badger at> writes:
>>> [...]
>>> I'd like to know if other distributions also consider separating
>>> libraries from applications to be a best practice.  If so, would you be
>>> willing to collaborate on getting upstreams to see our point of view?
>> Please contact the
>> opensuse-packagers mailing list (see for info) to
>> reach out to the package maintainers for colloboration,
> Well it's the point of this mailing list to reach various 
> representatives of different distros. Emailing each distro list 
> separately kinda defeats the point of having a distributions mailing list.
To kinda go along with this theme, I've started a wiki page to let
people know how to contact packagers in other distros:

Fill in details for your distro.

I like the idea of having a specific person per distro who is a point of
contact in addition to this, though.  That way questions, research,
information that we'd like to carry back to all the distributions has
someone in each distro responsible for seeing it done.  (I know that
even though there's a myriad of Fedora folk on this list, only some of
the information is flowing back and forth to the distribution level
because none of us have actually said, "I'll report what happens to

What do you all think?


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