Licensing of libpcap

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at
Mon Jan 19 23:57:57 PST 2009

Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
> One of the unpleasant legacies of the old BSD with advertising license
> is the libpcap situation. Libpcap is a rather useful networking library
> that quite a few other applications wish to use, but due to the GPL
> incompatibility of that license, there are many concerns about enabling
> libpcap related functionality in GPL/LGPL licensed code.
>>From time to time, I revisit the libpcap codebase to see if the
> situation has improved, and I wanted to document those efforts to
> eliminate duplicate work across multiple distributions. Also, it never
> hurts to show that Fedora Legal does more than simply rant about
> licensing. ;)


> *************************
> The following files are copyright "Texas A&M University", under the BSD
> with advertising clause. I have been unable to locate the appropriate
> person at Texas A&M to relicense these files:
> msdos/ndis2.c
> msdos/ndis2.h

judging from the filenames, these will only be compiled in under DOS builds of 
libpcap, sure it would be nice to have them relicensed too, but I don't think 
it will influence the licensing of any Linux libpcap libraries.



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