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On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 6:41 PM, Donnie Berkholz <dberkholz at> wrote:
> On 17:04 Fri 01 Apr     , Joseph Tate wrote:
>> Conary has some really nifty tools for detecting dependencies.  Some
>> of it runs on source code, like Python deps.  And some runs on
>> compiled code, like for shared object dependencies, etc.  I only know
>> about it as a user/packager though.
> Compiled code is easy. =)
> Picture this use case, though — there's a web interface where users can
> upload tarballs to a server, and the interface automatically detects
> dependencies, deciphers the build process for common build systems, and
> creates a basic packaging script. It would be a lot cheaper on the
> resources, not to mention probably more secure, if the package never
> even needed to get built.

Read up on project Bretzn, this is exactly what they are working on.
Lubos Lunak has created a tool which can do this, at least for C/C++
afaik. They use it for their whole "build packages for all major
distro's directly from your IDE" thing.

Bretzn website here:
Lubos Lunak's generator (old blog, it has progressed and you'd have to
ask on the bretzn mailinglist for the latest status)

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