Dependency discovery

Matthias Klumpp matthias at
Sun Apr 3 14:53:46 PDT 2011


> Do any of you have useful software that scans source code to determine 
> its dependencies?
Currently, I am creating such a tool for Listaller. (cross-distro
app-installer & manager)
At time we have a tool called "Visual-LDD" to display a
library-dependency-tree from binary files. Someone also planned to
implement this for Python, which already has something like a dependency
finder in its standard-library. (But I don't know if there has been some
more work...)
My plan is to create a tool which first find all dependencies of a
software automatically, no matter if it is a compiled binary app or Python
or Perl, or XYZ and then uses distromatch to determine which packages will
match the dependency. In a third step the tool will check in which
distro-releases the package is present and give information like "your tool
will run on Fedora 12-15". If a dependency cannot be found in a
distribution, the tool will use 3rd-party sources. (It's pupose is to
generate a bit of Listaller-XML which is used by the setup to fetch
If this is successful, I think the "depscan" tool can easily be used
without Listaller. I haven't followed the whole thread, for which purpose
do you want this tool? Or is it just a "what if..." thought?
   Matthias Klumpp

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