Results of the App Installer Meeting

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Thu Jan 27 06:30:31 PST 2011

On 27 January 2011 13:53, Samuel Verschelde <stormi at> wrote:
> Another way to do it without making the xml file grow too much would be to have
> one xml file containing only package descriptions per language. It uses some
> space on mirrors, but not that much (especially because the number of
> applications is really smaller than the number of packages).

I thought we agreed it would be better to have all the languages in
one file, rather than having 130 files all with a few k of text
inside? Lots of tiny files really hurts read and write performance.
(130*number of repos installed = thousands)

Of course, sticking it on the OCS server is just as sensible, it
depends if we want it available offline too.


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