Results of the App Installer Meeting

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Thu Jan 27 06:36:27 PST 2011

On 27 January 2011 14:32, Samuel Verschelde <stormi at> wrote:
> Yes, we agreed about "one-line" summaries all in the same file (including their
> translations), but not "one-paragraph" descriptions, which leaves the subject
> open :)

Ahh, okay. I'd also be careful with making it a "paragraph". Ideally
we want to be able to have links, bullets and numbered lists and that
kind of thing.

I'm in love with markdown as a syntax, although xhtml would make just
as much sense. xhtml does have the disadvantage of requiring a webkit
window in the app installer, which may be or may not be a good idea
considering the data could be coming from OSC and thus untrusted.


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