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> What I'm missing in the summary and what was probably not discussed is
> another user oriented service:  Translating
> descriptions of packages^Wapplications is IMHO quite important to do the
> last final step to complete world domination.  As I know from some
> discussion on debian-i18n list[1] DDTSS is severely broken and needs
> definitely some love.  Some effort to put it under DSA control is
> somehow stalled and the technique behind needs some more love by a
> gifted and dedicated programmer.  Please do not forget:  Those users who
> say "I want to draw vector graphics." will say it in their mother tongue
> and we geeks to frequently forget that this is not necessarily English.
> The availability of translated descriptions is IMHO crucial for the
> success of the App-Intaller attempt.  The DDTP project is quite there
> where we need to go but it needs more love.

This is not forgotten. I still want to organize a work session
dedicated on bringing the system that hosts under
Debian System Admins control. The point being of course to guarantee
those people who work to translate package descriptions a *reliable*
framework for doing their work.

This is currently what's missing:
- the machine hosting the system is administered by only 3 people, out
of which 2 (the most skilled ones!) have less and less free time for

- we need a few more people able to deal with the code of the package
description system. Currently, the core of the DDTP is managed by only
one person and the web interface by another one. And both of them are
indeed the only people able to really fix things

Despite all these weaknesses, Debian translators have been able to do
a very significant work on translating package descriptions, which is
of course a great achievement. And this, despite not having a "very
cool and easy to use" user interface such as Pootle, Rosetta or

Definitely, package descriptions translations is something that can be
cross-distros: just replace "package" by "application" and you get the

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