What are the nuts and bolts of running a distro?

Jason Hsu jhsu802701 at jasonhsu.com
Mon Feb 6 23:04:48 PST 2012

I am Jason Hsu, the founder and lead developer of Swift Linux.  I'm currently in the process of transitioning from the old antiX Linux base to the new Linux Mint Debian Edition base.  The idea is to provide the functionality of Linux Mint in a lightweight package that fits onto a CD, works well on 10-year-old computers, and competes with Puppy Linux and antiX Linux.

I joined this list to learn about the nuts and bolts of running a Linux distro.  (Thanks to Paul Wise from the debian-derivatives mailing list for referring me here.)

Are there any FAQs or other documents on how to operate a Linux distro?  I found out the hard way last June that the definition of "unlimited" (as in unlimited bandwidth) is not the same for web hosts as it is in the dictionary.  When Swift Linux was first listed on DistroWatch, the resulting crush of traffic proved to be too much, and my web host suspended my site.  I had to take the ISO files off my site and upload them to SourceForge, which doesn't have such limits.

Jason Hsu <jhsu802701 at jasonhsu.com>

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