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Sun Feb 12 13:34:47 PST 2012

Den 01:10 12. februar 2012 skrev Jason Hsu <jhsu802701 at> følgende:
> The source code for Swift Linux is at .  I have it set up so that each major function gets its own repository.  I've also labeled the obsolete repositories.  (I won't use these repositories for the new Swift Linux, but I'm keeping these repositories for reference purposes until I finish the replacement repositories.)  The 0-intro repository is used to explain to prospective developers how to get started working on Swift Linux.  I chose to use GitHub because that's what Linux Mint uses.  I chose for bug tracking for the very same reason.
> What distro are you working on or have worked on in the past, and where can I see the source code?  I'd like to see examples of how other distros run things.  I've looked at Linux Mint's GitHub page, but I get the impression that most of the code for transforming Ubuntu or Debian into Linux Mint is somewhere else.
> In addition to Swift Linux, what Linux distros have all of their source code available on one site?  As far as I know, antiX Linux and Puppy Linux haven't done this.
> Are there any good reasons for distros to NOT have all of their source code available in one place?  I'm making my Swift Linux source code publicly available on GitHub to make it relatively easy for prospective developers to get up to speed.  Also, I don't think developers of other distros should have to reinvent the wheel.  I'm hoping that the Swift Linux source code can be a resource for other distros, especially parts of the Linux market that I don't address.  Examples include support for Fort Knox levels of security and support for foreign languages.

You can find the repositories for Mandriva Linux at and also our
development wiki at :)

Per Øyvind

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