AppStream/SC/PK GSoC report #1

Sebastian Heinlein devel at
Mon Jun 4 09:35:26 PDT 2012

Am Montag, den 04.06.2012, 16:16 +0200 schrieb Matthias Klumpp:

> > Gpk-application and gpk-update-viewer as default applications will be a
> > regression in Wheezy compared to software-center in Squeeze.
> No :P GPK offers the basic functions which are used very often and
> e.g. provides a very nice update-manager. For all other tasks Synaptic
> is still available (and default?) in Debian.

Software-center and gpk-application are really two pair of shoes. And
software-center is currently not part of the default installation.
Synaptic is not part of the default installation, too. But even Synaptic
would have been a regression compared to software-center.

> > Even
> > editing repositories (the sources.list in Debian terms) will be at the
> > same basic level as 5 years ago if software-properties goes away from
> > the default install. Shipping a software-center with a working
> > PackageKit backend cannot be done and stabilized before the freeze.
> This is right and I don't have any plans for it - freeze is in a few
> weeks, changes like this won't be accepted.
> We could always patch GPK to show software-properties-gtk.

It needs a little bit more than just a just patch to gpk-application:
software-properties configures the cron script of apt for cache update
and updates downloading/installing and makes use of aptdaemon to refresh

But we should take this discussion to another list.

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