AppStream need more SNS function

Leslie Zhai xiangzhai83 at
Thu May 15 18:52:24 PDT 2014

Hi AppStream developers,

I am the father of QJade :) it is 
another Qt5 frontend of PackageKit.
And I am maintaining && migrated to Qt5.2.x for PackageKit-Qt 0.8.x && 
So I touched Daniel, the father of PackageKit-Qt, aptcc, Apper ... sort 
of open source projects :)

I read about AppData
it is cool :) and it is very close to my thought about AppStore web 
backend, so do you guys wanna develop a SNS AppStore web backend, just 
like FaceBook, together with Go, PHP or Python?
It is not only application`s name, summary, description, screenshot BUT 
also sharing with friends, comment it, mark it... sort of more SNS 

Please someone give me some advice, thanks a lot :)

Leslie Zhai <xiang.zhai at>

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