[Bug 28402] Kernel 2.6.34 freezes randomly

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Sun Aug 15 14:21:55 PDT 2010


--- Comment #10 from Da Fox <da_fox at mad.scientist.com> 2010-08-15 14:21:55 PDT ---
I tried with kernel over the weekend, and this issue is still present.

However there is a slight urge to get this fixed, because the rest of the
system will start to depend on more recent kernels in a while. For example
the newer udev-151 warns that:

ERROR: setup
  CONFIG_IDE:    should not be set. But it is.

WARN: setup
Please check to make sure these options are set correctly.
Failure to do so may cause unexpected problems.

This is due to the fact that I am using the old (and pretty soon deprecated)
ATA drivers in the kernel, and not the newer (and nowadays stable) libata
So if I want to use the newer udev I would prefer to be able to do so on a
newer kernel, given that the libata drivers are still relatively new.

This is of course but one example, but there can be a variety of reasons which
necessitate a kernel upgrade. Another good example would be the
inter-dependencies of Xorg, video drivers and the kernel.

So please:
Devs: take a look at the commits I pointed out in the initial description, and
answer my question from comment #6.
Aidan: upload your kernel logs, I think you should have collected enough data
by now.

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