[Bug 29652] Git commit e62e5b0 breaks Civilization IV (wine)

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Jon Severinsson <jon at severinsson.net> changed:

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            Summary|Git commit                  |Git commit e62e5b0 breaks
                   |                            |Civilization IV (wine)
                URL|                            |http://jon.severinsson.net/
                   |                            |mesa/Civ4.png
                 CC|                            |amaasikas at gmail.com

--- Comment #1 from Jon Severinsson <jon at severinsson.net> 2010-08-18 12:06:35 PDT ---
Tracking Mesa git I found that Civ IV stopped working recently, and I bisected
it to commit e62e5b0922b6554431234a8a71c7aec7cff91864 with subject "r600: add
support for draw_elements_base_vertex" by Andre Maasikas.

The problem that manifests is that the background for the game menue turns
black (though the menus still work), and that all in game tiles are black,
though all units and tile improvements (but not cities) on top of them still
render [see URL above].

I'll happily test any patches.

lspci identifies my GPU as:
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV630 [Radeon HD 2600

PS. Excuse the originally empty bug, I managed to hit enter too early...

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