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> add module parameter to disable polling
> Hi,
> I'm not sure we're all having the same problem, anyway since this bug report
> seems to be more active than the one I started I'll post here too.
> I came back from vacation and found a patch from Chris Wilson in dri-devel who
> added a parameter to disable polling; since my bisection run pointed to the
> commit who enabled polling as the origin of my problem, I quickly adapted the
> patch to vanilla 2.6.35 to do some tests.
> The patch is attached to this comment; to try it patch the kernel and boot with
> drm_kms_helper.poll=0; be careful, without this parameter sometime X refused to
> start here. Since this was only a test I didn't look too hard, I think it's
> related to the slow work->workqueues conversion.
> Anyway, with polling disabled I was able to play with openarena for about 15
> minutes, while with polling (without the patch) I had a hardlock in 30-60s.
> Since this could be important, I have a VGA/DVI card and I'm using the DVI
> port, with nothing connected to the VGA port.

Tried  this patch on nouveau (as included in drm-radeon-testing tree, based on
2.6.35. Yes, odd.) . But something goes wrong. modinfo show no additional
parameters, and booting with drm_kms_helper.poll=0 just prevent drm/nouveau
from loading.

Reason for testing on nouveau: polling TV-out seems to be expensive operation
here, at least for old single-core AMD K7.

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