[Bug 28402] Kernel 2.6.34 freezes randomly

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Tue Aug 31 13:04:35 PDT 2010


--- Comment #28 from Da Fox <da_fox at mad.scientist.com> 2010-08-31 13:04:34 PDT ---
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> (In reply to comment #26)

> > Could you possibly see if the following three (consecutive) commits are in 
> > your tree too, and test them?
> I'd like, as soon as I find out, how to checkout these specific versions. ;)

Try something like 'git checkout <sha1>' to checkout a specific revision. It
will complain if the commit does not exist or if there is something else which
prevents the checkout (locally modified files for example).
Incase they have a diffent sha1 id in your tree you can try looking for them
using 'gitk' (the git repository browser). Since the kernel is so big you may
want to limit how far back gitk should show history, try gitk
--since=01-01-2010. You can either try to jump directly to the commit by
entering a sha1 id into the 'SHA1 ID' box, or by typing a commit message into
the 'Find' box. Beware that by default the search is case-sensitive.

> What we need is a damn trigger to this bug. Without reproducibility trying to
> catch the right commit is a pure matter of luck and very frustrating.

I feel your pain, I've also mis-identified an 'unstable' commit as 'stable',
which means the whole rest of the bisecting process (which takes a lot of time)
is wasted. What triggers the freeze for me most of the time though is opening
firefox (with a lot of windows and tabs from my previous browsing session). I
do this as soon as I've logged in and my desktop environment has finished

On a side note, for those earlier commits (such as
44ca7478d46aaad488d916f7262253e000ee60f9, which I've been testing again during
the day), do you also find that the system becomes very slow? As in there is a
high CPU usage, but not caused by any running program?
I've seen this again today, where top reports all programs using only a small
amount of cpu (a grand total of 8% or so), and yet my CPU usage was almost 50%.

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