[Bug 30684] [r300g][OpenVG] OpenVG demos fail to render properly

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Wed Dec 1 10:57:52 PST 2010


--- Comment #13 from Sergey Kondakov <virtuousfox at gmail.com> 2010-12-01 10:57:52 PST ---
i don't know how it should look either :) i just know that before this patch
and recent big changes it was just ugly black stuff in ugly white box.

we should probably ask someone who wrote those demos.
is it possible to use different gallium driver on-the-fly without X restart,
library rename, etc. ?

if it should look like it looks on recent screenshots then this is, probably,
on r600g (R770) those demos were outright segfaulting before openvg 1.1 bump
and now they look indistinguishable from those last r300g screenshots with 2
exceptions though: 
1) lion rotating much slower and much more sluggish than on r300g machine and
looks more colourful.
maybe it uses software rendering for openvg for some reason and this is how it
supposed to look ? i will provide a picture
2) no text in "text" demo and it says:
"EE r600_shader.c/tgsi_unsupported:868 - 25 tgsi opcode unsupported
EE r600_shader.c/r600_pipe_shader_create:339 - translation from TGSI failed !"

but this is probably not in your department and topic of another bug report
which should be filled.

anyway, i'm happy that openvg can actually draw something coherent on real
gallium drivers. maybe it will finally be a reason for those cairo guys to fix
their drm/kms & gallium & openvg & xcb "support", for 2D GUI/DE/vector graphic
editor people to utilize it and such.

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